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I present work inspired by architectural patterns, structure, and space found in today’s urban experience. I respond to the light emitted from and illuminated by interiors at night, public signs and graffiti, non-peopled urban spaces as seen in aerial views, lattice framework, beamed ceilings, and apartment balconies. Urban structures of bridges, elevators, escalators, grids, gratings, windows, and fences become modules in my design conception. I interweave color to create urban patterns of stripes, diagonals, spots, checks, and plaids. My response to the urban stimulus are conditioned by recognizing design predecessors; Matisse’s use of pattern on pattern and cut-outs, pointillism, Bauhaus movement, and Japanese influences of theatrical costumes, traditional kimono patterns, shrine architecture, and contemporary clothing designs of Issey Miyake. These influences are supported by my personal heritage of a family involved in the arts (painting, metalsmithing, architecture, ceramics, and my experience in the theatre). The total of these influences culminates in my technique and concept. In my work, I am able to combine the controlled silver metalworking techniques of fabrication with the spontaneity and vibrancy inherent in the color of anodized aluminum. Although the anodizing of aluminum involves a time-consuming electrical activation of the surface to receive special dyes, the actual application of the dye/color is a dynamic process. Aluminum offers the advantages of being lightweight and suitable for body sculpture (pectorals, calf pieces, headpieces, large earwear). To this aluminum, I apply industrial techniques of photo etching, airbrushing, and cold connecting (nuts and bolts). I transform the traditional silver surface (polished) by bead blasting into a matte finish that is more compatible with the contemporary-colored aluminum. Transformation of a non-precious metal (aluminum) into a precious surface through a unique treatment achieves a real beauty and meaning which is not implied in its commercial material value.

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Metalsmith Magazine Features (pdf): 1993, 1988, 1987, 1986, 1984

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