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Woman Made: Great Women Designers, Phaidon Press, featured section by Jane Hall, (scheduled for publication in Fall 2021)

"This forthcoming title will be a visual celebration of the most incredible and impactful designs ever produced by female designers globally - as it visually displays preeminent designs by women over the course of the past 100 years." - Author Jane Hall

Cooper-Hewitt Museum "Travel and Eat in Style", Essay by Zenia Malmer (photos included) in celebration of Women's History Month,

March 14, 2019

Feeding Desire;Design and the Tools of the Table 1500 - 2005, by Sarah D. Coffin,, Ellen Lupton, Darra Goldstein, 2006, Cooper-Hewitt

National Design Museum ASSOULINE, pl. 227-228 (Traveling flatware; full page photo)

Design Through Discovery, by Majorie Elliot Berlin, sixth edition, 1994, Harcourt Brace & Company, p. 242, pl.13-16 (silver and anodized cuff)

Arts & Crafts Magazine, Premier Korean Publication, Article Review, p. 14-16, (6 photos, 5 color), 1994

Metalsmith Magazine, Winter 1993, Review Article by Lanie Lee for Aaron Faber Gallery exhibition: "Souvenirs of New Yok: Jewelry and

Objects Inspired by the City", p. 48 (photo included)

The Post, Newark, DE, October 10, 1991, p. 1-B featured article by Nancy Turner (2 photos)

Honolulu Star and Advertiser, October 21, 1988, p. B-1, B-2, Feature Review by Susan Yin (3 color photos)

Metalsmith Magazine, Fall 1988, p. 52, Exhibition Review by Jan Peters (photo included)

Ornament Magazine, Spring 1988, Vol. 11, No. 3, p. 15, 76. Exhibition review by Walter Soellner (2 photos)

Contemporary American Craft Art: A Collector’s Guide, by Mayer, Barbara, Forward by Lloyd E. Herman, 1988, Peregrine Smith Book,

published by Gibbs M. Smith, Inc. , p. 195 (color photo)

Delaware Today Magazine, September 1987. p. 80, 161 (color photos)

Metalsmith Magazine, Fall 1987, Review Article by Carrie Adell for Elaine Potter Gallery San Francisco exhibitions: "Anne Krohn Graham New

Age Totems", p. 54 (photo included)

Provincetown Arts, Fall 1986, Review of Work at David Brown Gallery at Provincetown, MA, p. 34

Metalsmith Magazine, Summer 1986, Exhibition Review by Curtis K. LaFollette: "Anne krohn Graham at Worchester Craft Center, Worchester,

MA" , p. 58-59 (6 photos)

San Francisco Examiner, February 5, 1986, sec. E

Form, Formel, Formalism, by Peter Nickl,  Bayer. Handwerkstag e.V., Munchen, Germany. 1985

NYC Metropolis Magazine, December 1985, p. 39-42, 48

Metalsmith Magazine, Winter 1984, The Washington Guild of Goldsmiths, Gail Goldman, Anne Krohn Graham "Pelican" Sterling Stacking

Knife Fork and Spoon Cast, p.34 (photo included)

The Knoph Collectors’ Guide to American Antiques Silver and Pewter, by Donnald L. Fennimore, 1984, Alfred A. Knopf NY Publisher, p. 28.

Jewelry and Beyond, Mitchell Museum, Fashion Institute of Technology, 1984, catalog #31

United Airlines Magazine, August 1983, p. 59 (photo)

American Crafts: A Source Book for the Home, by Katherine Pearson, 1983, Stewart, Tabori & Chang Publishers, New York, p. 72-73 (2 photos)

Jeweler’s Circular Keystone Magazine, November 1983, p. 123-124 (photos of work)

Jewelry Concepts and Technology, by Oppi Untracht, 1982Doubleday and Co. Inc. Publisher, 11-1 (color photo of granulation work)

The Craft Guide of Delaware, by Sally W. Cohen and Carol A. Huston, 1981, p. 5; 1981, p. 58-59

American Craft Magazine, April/May 1981, p. 48

New York City Daily News, October 8, 1980, p. 42

Silver in the Collection of the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design by curator David Revere

McFadden, 1980, p. 34, Anne Krohn Graham "Traveling Set" Flatware in Collection

Now I lay Me Down to Eat, by Bernard Rudofsky, 1980, Anchor Press/Doubleday New York, p. 33

ArtCraft Magazine, September 1980, p. 41

Jewelry Making, by Murray Bovin and Peter Bovin, 1979, Bovin Publishing New York, p. 177 fig.309, Anne Krohn Graham Pendant

Food and Wine Magazine, February 1979, p.6

Craft Horizons Magazine, April 1977, p.36


“Anodizing Aluminum: The Studio Artists’ Approach”, Society of North American Goldsmiths, slide kit, 1985

“Betsy Douglas MFA Thesis Exhibition”, Metalsmith Magazine, p. 50, Summer 1985

“Betty Helen Longhi: Sculptural Jewelry”, Metalsmith Magazine, p. 38-39, Winter 1983

“Nathan B. Winkler, Bridge Between Industry and Art”, Metalsmith Magazine, p. 32-34, Spring 1983

MFA Thesis: Cromalin Process/Application to Metalworking, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1977

MA Thesis: Filigree Used in Applied Pieces of Jewelry, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, 1966

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